Scope of Services:

The "Health Check" addresses the need for a quick analysis giving a high-level summary of the overall situation and improvement potential for your airline. It includes:

  • Information scanning from public resources and company documentation
  • A brief visit of a team of broad airline generalists (each covering for 2 - 3 main areas of an airline), concentrating on interviews with the respective airline managers

Duration / Schedule:

Approx. 3 weeks for a medium sized airline, including:

  • Preparation: including data request, desktop research and travel preparation
  • On-site assessment: 2 - 3 working days with three subject matter experts and the Project Manager
  • On-site presentation of the initial findings
  • Off-site reporting with interaction of the involved subject matter experts and submission of final report approx. one week after the onsite visit is finished


The "Health Check" investigation serves as an independent and neutral indicator based on your processes and procedures verified by industry experts. Our findings will be presented on-site. Major conclusions, recommendations and suggestions for next steps will be documented in a brief summary report within 1 - 2 weeks following the on-site visit.

Why should you go for it?

This quick "Health Check" delivers, in short time and for minimum cost, an external and independent view over your company and therefore a good picture about the main weaknesses as well as potential areas for improvement. It also includes a ball park figure about the overall savings or improvement potential. The health check is by no means a thorough assessment of all areas in the necessary depth and detail to come up with full-fledged recommendations. It rather serves to elaborate a neutral position on the efficiency of your organization. In the event that deeper gaps are identified on the macro level during this study and you contract a more detailed assessment (as described under the service Cost Reduction Assessment), the cost for this health check will be subtracted from the expanded and thorough cost reduction assessment contract.

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