Scope of Services:

This section includes the tasks of initial business plan development, business plan analysis and business plan updates.

Business Plans serve a multitude of purposes, as for instance:

  • Quest for investors and equity providers
  • Raising funds for planned investments (e.g. for fleet acquisition)
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Institutionalize the operational planning process of the company
  • Others

While a company's strategy (including vision, mission and values) qualitatively describe the business and how to conduct it, the business plan adds an operational and quantitative dimension to this picture. It describes the company's needs in terms of capital, resources and organization in order to reach its pre-defined goals and targets.

Our services in this field range from a review of existing business plans for investors, banks, etc. but also for the airline itself, if there are questions about possible improvement potential, up to the production of a new business plan for a start-up venture.

Similarly, we offer updates and additions to existing business plans (where applicable) or the full development of a medium-term business plan coupled with the elaboration of a long-term strategic plan.

Duration / Schedule:

Business Plan evaluations can be done within short periods of time. The demand of detail basically defines the duration of such studies.

Complete Business Plan developments or updates demand more thorough analysis of the situation and development of fitting models. Thus such projects last from several weeks to several months.

Please get in touch with us. Your input will allow us to give an accurate estimation.


Depending on the scope of the project, the deliverable will be either a report with the findings on the investigation conducted to a specific business plan or -if this is the case- the production of a full-fledged business plan for your company, based on the details and vision outlined with you and your staff.

Why should you go for it?

It is a proven fact that companies without a formalized business plan act less stringent and tend to divert from the logical optimum in many of their day to day decisions but also in decisions of strategic importance. Such deviations usually lead to serious inefficiencies and in worst case to complete business failure.

A regularly updated business plan document is thus proof of sound management. Such a business plan should include major initiatives (from a financial perspective highlighting the improvement but also the possibly mandatory cost and / or investment).

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