Scope of Services:

Knowledge and Information are the most precious goods in aviation, similar to most other industries. An Airline needs to know at any point of time where it stands and where it intends to get, including the best possible knowledge about the current and future competetive landscape.

Proper planning is possibly the most critical success factor in the aviation industry which, in current times of crisis, has zero tolerance for mistakes. Thus sound analysis and planning are imperative for all main decisions an airline faces.

Even if an Airline employs the best qualified personnel the market has to offer and operates with the most advanced and most efficient equipment, success is not granted if the target market or competitors are wrongly evaluated. Contrarily, one might very successfully operate in a protected niche of the market even by using older aircraft but employing them with high productivity levels.

Strategic planning includes all kinds of analysis into the target market of an airline. The ultimate strategic plan defines an airline's direction with regards to resource allocation (staff, capital, equipment).

Duration / Schedule:

Strategic Planning exercises can range from several days for very small segments and reach up to several months for a detailed and complete company, market and competitor assessment and resulting strategic planning.


Depending on the strategic investigation scope, the deliverable will be either an independent stand-alone report with the findings on the invesstigation conducted or can be an input document for the company's business, restructuring or overall strategic plan.

Why should you go for it?

There are hundreds of reasons why one would want to involve external assistance in strategic investigations. Amongst others:

  • Conduction of an unbiased investigation
  • Cross-check of own plans and results with independent advice
  • Avoidance of company blindness Lack of qualified resources
  • Lack of time
  • Interest in external subject matter expert opinion

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